Bay Tracks & Poles

We can supply and fit an uncorded metal bay track, custom made to fit your bay window, From:£185*

How does it work?

That's it !!

It couldn't be easier to get your bay track or pole measured and installed.

*Price dependant on postcode, track length, and number of bends required.

Don't Waste Time & Money

Many companies sell DIY products that you can “bend at home”.
Don’t waste your valuable time and money on an inferior product that just dosen't work properly and has to be replaced soon after.

Bay windows can be complex

Measuring and installing bay window tracks and poles is a complex job and can be challenging; a job best left to the experts, particularly if you're not great at DIY.

Custom Bent

We only supply quality products all of which will be custom bent to fit your bay window. Which means they will fit perfectly and function properly, giving you peace of mind.

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